Products and Services

Athlete Management – offering commercial advice, media support, and sponsorship procurement and liaison services to athletes.

Programme Managementspecialising in developing systems and providing expertise to control either a single major project or a portfolio of projects with respect to timeline, cost, risks, and engagement of contractors, or a higher level direction role on either a standalone basis or as part of a steering group.

Project Development & Management – providing project development and scoping, feasibility analysis, through to hands-on management of a project, be it a capital build or fit-out, or an operating project within existing business operations



Strategic Business Planning and Change Management – whether you are seeking to understand your existing business better or take it in a new direction, we can provide an assessment of the current business or a new opportunity and develop business plans and budgets to take it forward with purpose and clarity.

Commercial Support and Advocacy, Relationship Management – helping to create and support positive and value-adding relationships with key suppliers, service providers, and customers, negotiating and managing contracts and maintaining constructive communications channels.

Events Planning and Management – engaging in scoping, venue selection, budgeting, and execution of high quality events. This role could also include sourcing of sponsorship and other external funding, management of ticket sales, and procurement of key products and services.

Risk Assessment and Management – guiding you through a process of evaluating risks associated with new and existing projects or operations, and implement policies and procedures to manage or mitigate the effects of those risks.

Logistics Planning – talk to us about implementing or streamlining your supply chain processes, including warehousing and distribution solutions.